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Monday, August 22, 2011

What is Derwinism? The Theory of Creativity.

What inspires us to create, invent or innovate? Everyone has had eye-awakening idea, so what sparked that moment? Was it music, a scent, an emotion? Whatever it was, it created a set of thoughts that accumulated in your mind over a period of time, but conceived in a fraction of a second to set off what we know as the aja moment. As for me, everyday is sparked with thoughts that brings many ideas into play where an idea is always brewing. For those of you who know me personally and have worked with me know my mind never sleeps. I have worked with some amazing people where creativity and ideas were always being conceived.

Whether it was an idea for a marketing campaign, client pitch or a new concept, we were all inspired by these simple ideas that grew into amazing concepts. The reason that I started this blog is to bring creative individuals to talk about what led us to our aja moments. As well as, what kept that idea fueled in our minds that we took action and made something happened. Sometimes ideas are great, but what is the point of a great idea if doesn't get executed. As a creative person, this will be my journal of creativity. From thoughts and concepts to photography, maybe I can inspire you or you can inspire me, but most of all lets inspire each other.


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